Gigabyte Force K83 Mechanical Keyboard Review

Gigabyte Force K83 Mechanical KeyboardFor mechanical keyboard junkies out there, it’s hard to go wrong with the Gigabyte Force K83 keyboard. It looks elegant, feels smooth and responsive, and provides long lasting performance. It takes a little while to get used to, but once you do, it’s hard to go back to the keyboards of the plebs. You feel like a king, and this is your crowned prize.

While looking quite plain, this keyboard carries hidden secrets. The function key next to the right control provides a gateway to an alternate dimension where you possess the powers of unknown origins. Holding this mystical key down and pressing various F buttons opens the doors to unparalleled functionality.

With a simple press of F1, you can pop up your default browser. F2-4 provides a way to increase volume, decrease volume, or mute your sound device. F5-F8 provides shortcuts to your media player. F9 opens your music player, F10 opens your default mail application, F11 opens your task manager, and F12 brings up the calculator. Learn it. Wield it. Harness the power of the ancients and unleash your and this keyboard’s maximum potential.

The keyboard feels extremely solid. It weighs 2.2lbs, which is considerably more than the keyboards built entirely with plastic runoff from Dow Chemical. The Gigabyte Force K83 keyboard can take years of daily punishment from compulsive typing, and still maintain its new look and key paints.  Accidental spills of Exxon proportions is something this keyboard is designed to withstand, but it is still not a completely waterproof keyboard, so you will need to take baths with a different one.

If you don’t have any special keyboard requirements.. like a built-in toaster oven, sink, and a stereo, you cannot go wrong with the Gigabyte Force K83. The price is quite reasonable, and you can always find the lowest prices by searching on Greatest.Deals.

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