Mionix Naos 3200 Mouse Review


5 ¼ inches in length, 3 ¼ at the widest point
3.3 ounces without the USB cable
Mouse wheel & logo glows red, green, or blue, based on mouse speed setting


Extremely comfortable
Good scrolling feedback
Feels solid and heavy, but not too heavy
Very durable


Comes with just 2 function buttons
Only 3 built-in mouse speed settings, with 1 viable setting
Does not fold my laundry

The Mionix Naos 3200 is the perfect mix between comfort and functionality. It’s a mouse designed with you in mind, and not just the applications you’re going to use with it. Its size and shape is just perfect – and that’s rare for a mouse in these malnutritioned times. The Naos 3200 offers excellent contours that fit your hand flawlessly.

After using dozens of mice for various purposes – gaming, work, art, forging signatures – there is nothing worse than a mouse that’s too thin, too short, too tall, or one that contains jagged edges. This mouse solved all of those problems. It’s the embodiment of smooth – like baby Vin Diesel’s head. Nothing sticks out or annoys your hand after prolonged use.

The Naos 3200 has a solid feel to it. It does not allow you to add or remove additional weights to and from the mouse. But that’s because the weight is distributed just right, and no additional weight adjustment is necessary. The reason other mice allow you to adjust weights is because the company couldn’t figure out the correct weight and decided that you should do that work for them instead.

This mouse has 3 speed settings, which can be adjusted with the buttons on top of the mouse. The extremely slow – which glows red, the normal – which glows green, and the ridiculously fast – which glows blue. The slow is too slow to be of any use for most users, and the fast is so fast that you lose track of where the mouse pointer even is. Perhaps one or two gamers in South Korea would use that setting – but almost every other person on the planet would stick with the normal green speed.

The Naos 3200 has very satisfactory scrolling mechanism. It is not completely smooth, but scrolls at a certain interval. The snapping feel is great, and beats the smooth scrolling by far. Many mice will begin to squeak and squeal during scrolling after some time or when scrolling too quickly. This mouse does not have that issue. The mouse wheel was excellently designed for compulsive scrolling worldwide.

With all the upsides, this mouse does have drawbacks. If you are looking for a multi-function, programmable mouse – this mouse is not for you. If you are a casual gamer, or just want a comfortable mouse for working or surfing the web – this is exactly the mouse you’re looking for.

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