SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab A9+ 10.9” + Galaxy Tab A9+ Book Cover (Blue) 64GB Android Tablet, Big Screen, Quad Speakers, Upgraded Chipset, Multi Window Display, Slim, Durable, US Version, 2023, Graphite

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11 Inches
Unleash Endless Entertainment with the Samsung Galaxy Tab A9+
Get ready to take your entertainment experience to the next level with the Samsung Galaxy Tab A9+! This incredible tablet is designed to bring fun and excitement to the whole family, with its stunning 11-inch screen and crystal-clear 1920 x 1200 resolution. Whether you're watching your favorite movies, playing games, or enjoying quality time with the kids, the Galaxy Tab A9+ is the perfect companion for any activity.
Immerse Yourself in Rich Sound
The Galaxy Tab A9+ takes audio to new heights with its quad speakers powered by Dolby Atmos. This means you'll enjoy a cinematic experience like no other, with powerful and realistic sound that will leave you breathless. Whether you're listening to music, watching videos, or playing games, the Tab A9+ delivers an unparalleled audio experience that will leave you wanting more.
Power and Storage to Spare
With the Galaxy Tab A9+, you'll never run out of power or storage space. The upgraded chipset and 4GB RAM + 64GB or 8GB RAM + 128GB storage options ensure that you can multitask with ease, watch videos, play games, and store all your favorite content without worrying about running out of space. And with up to 1TB expandable storage, the possibilities are endless!
Multitask Like a Pro
Why settle for just one app at a time when you can have multiple? The Galaxy Tab A9+ lets you open multiple apps at once, so you can browse the internet, check email, and jot down notes all on one screen. You'll be amazed at how much more you can accomplish with this incredible feature!
A Safe Haven for Kids
As a parent, you want to give your kids the best possible experience. That's why the Galaxy Tab A9+ comes with the Samsung Kids app, a safe and interactive platform that's designed to educate and entertain kids. With a wide range of colorful and engaging content, you can rest assured that your little ones are in good hands.
Slim, Light, and Durable
The Galaxy Tab A9+ is designed to be your perfect companion, wherever you go. With its slim, light, and durable design, you can take it with you on the go, without worrying about weight or bulk. It's the perfect blend of performance and portability!
Share Files in a Flash
Sharing files has never been easier with Quick Share! Select the file you want to share, and easily transfer it to another device, whether it's Android or iOS. It's fast, convenient, and lets you stay connected with friends and family.
Take it to the Big Screen
Want to experience your favorite videos on a bigger screen? With Smart View, you can cast your content to your Samsung TV and enjoy the thrills on a larger scale. It's perfect for sports clips, cooking videos, or any other content you want to share with others.
Stay Connected with Galaxy
With Galaxy, staying connected to loved ones has never been easier. You can pick up calls, return texts, and stay in touch, even when your phone is in another room. It's the perfect way to stay connected, no matter what!