TCL 32S3800 32-Inch Roku Smart LED TV Review

The TCL 32S3800 32-Inch Roku Smart LED TV released in May 2015. This television comes with an incredible number of features at a very low price.

What You Get

Out of the box, you will get the following items:

  • The TCL 32S3800 32" Television
  • Stand hardware
  • Roku Remote Control
  • Detachable Power Cord
  • Barries
  • Instruction Manual


The display size is 32" diagnoally, which is a low end of the TV size scale. Though it's not an HD TV, for the screen size that it is, 720p is still a very good resolution. The low price of this television is definitely rooted in the fact that it's not HD, but what it lacks in HD is more than made up in price, and features. The display is clear, colors look great, and overall great quality. The refresh rate is the standard 60hz, which is great for normal use.


This television comes with dual speakers. The sound quality is fairly good, although to get the most out of it, an external source (such as a sound system or sound bar) is recommended. If you decide to purchase a sound bar for this television, be sure to pick one that can connect via HDMI ARC, and can be controlled with HDMI CEC. This will allow the television to have control over the sound bar's volume. So if you change the volume on the television, the sound bar volume will adjust accordingly.

Smart Functionality

Comes with Roku TV streaming platform that personalizes your home screen, and provides over 3000 streaming channels. This means you get online streaming apps, cable TV, gaming consoles, and other devices all in one place. This elimiantes the need to keep flipping through input devices when you want to switch from cable TV to gaming console.


This television provides a good number of connectivity. Here is a quick breakdown:

  • 3 HDMI inputs
  • 1 USB input
  • RF input to connect cable TV
  • Composite input lets you connect your VCR with the yellow, red, and white cables
  • Headphone jack
  • Optical Audio Out

Remote Control

Comes with a Roku 20 button remote control. Very simple and easy to use. Roku mobile app can be downloaded to transform your smartphone into a remote control. This lets you browse/add channels, or even use voice search to find what you want in a convenient way. This television also supports remote controls that come with the cable box in case you dont want to use the remote control that comes with this television.

Internet Connectivity

TCL 32S3800 connects to the internet via dual band WiFi. Just select your home network and enter the wireless password (if you have one) and you're good to go. No ethernet connection is supported by this television.

Legacy Support

This television does not come with an antenna, but allows you to purchase and connect an antenna so that you get access to free local channels.

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